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Source, screen and hire with greater insights upfront. See how you can unlock the power of authentic human interaction combined with AI-enabled innovation to take your hiring to the next level.


Simply subscribe to our platform and/or download the app, complete your profile, record or upload a video, and publish! You’re ready to start swiping!


Use filters and search to narrow and find the best fit. Swipe to let them know you’re interested. Use premium features such as “super likes” and boosting to get better matches


Once matched, start engaging with the best fit candidates or your ideal manager through our chat feature! Don’t forget to enable notifications so you don’t miss your perfect connections!

We integrate with 40+ ATS’

Features & Benefits

Key product features

Geared towards the 21 st century and beyond, LetsTango prioritizes a mobile-first approach for both job seekers and hiring managers, anytime, anywhere.

Video makes the experience real. A picture is worth 1000 words and a video – you know the answer. Embrace the future of hiring with LetsTango where individuals and companies alike can showcase their authenticity and stand out in the crowd.

Why wait weeks for that first interaction - experience the efficiency of instant connections eliminating the lengthy wait times typically associated with traditional hiring processes. Swipe, match and engage directly and promptly with your ideal candidates or prospective employees.

Unlock the full potential of your hiring process like never before. Our innovative video-based fit analysis goes beyond traditional resumes, offering valuable insights into candidates' personalities and cultural fit, empowering hiring managers to make informed decisions.

We integrate with over 40 applicant tracking systems (ATS) including Greenhouse, Lever
Key Product
Hiring Team
Hiring teams

Build your dream team

Spend less time sifting through applications and more time engaging with top-tier candidates tailored to your specific needs.

Gain valuable insights upfront with LetsTango's innovative video platform. Witness candidates' personalities and communication styles firsthand.

LetsTango empowers you to prioritize overall fit by integrating attribute-based selection, matching, and ranking criteria. Find candidates who not only meet your skill requirements but also align with your culture and values.

Foster meaningful connections with candidates early. By getting to know each other better, both parties can work towards achieving better hiring outcomes and long-term success.
Job seekers

Find your dream job

Express yourself and go beyond a paper resume. Hiring managers get a comprehensive understanding of who you are, allowing your true self to shine through and leave a lasting impression.

Real jobs with real people - No more endless job board scrolling or sending out countless applications into the void. Save time and energy for the opportunities that truly matter.

We believe in authentic connections, which is why our platform emphasizes video introductions. Let your charisma, communication skills, and passion shine through. No more faceless applications!

Take control of your career journey with our fun, user- friendly app. Seamlessly browse profiles and apply for opportunities that align with values and aspirations. Plus, our video analysis tools provide valuable insights to help you continually improve and present your best self.

Don’t want your current employer to know about your search? We’ve got you covered. Search with ease and showcase your authentic self.

Our app adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and security, with robust encryption protocols safeguarding your videos and profile details. Your trust is paramount – we never share, sell, or misuse your data.
Key Product

Ready to leave inauthentic and old school resumes behind?

LetsTango to your dream job!
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