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We know it is not easy to get a great job or build a great team. We aim to provide valuable resources to assist you navigate the hiring landscape with ease.

Explore our blog posts, FAQs and expert guides below.

Building Rapport in Virtual Interviews: Why It’s Essential & How To Do It

Interview Tips

In an era where virtual interactions dominate our personal and professional lives, the art of building rapport has taken on a fresh layer of significance. The absence of a traditional handshake, the inability to read full body language, and the...

The Ideal Home Setup for a Professional Video Call

WFH Tips

The rise of remote work and virtual interviews has ushered in the need for dedicated, professional spaces within our homes. A top-notch virtual interaction goes beyond dressing the part; it encompasses everything visible and audible in the video frame.

Virtual Interview Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Interview Tips

Jobseekers often hear this sentence from someone authorized to recruit on behalf of the company. This quick call is a virtual interview of deserving candidates and provides a chance to impress the interviewer by showcasing their talents.

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No worries! If you prefer to skip the video profile for now, you can add it later when you are ready to Tango. It’s all about putting people over paper to find your perfect career match.

So, dance to your own rhythm and you decide when to take the lead on your ideal job match!

The ideal hiring manager, recruiter, or employer video profile is a Tango of insight and engagement!

Imagine a dynamic presentation of your company and team culture, a glimpse into the work environment, and a personal touch that says, “We’re not just hiring; we’re building a team!”

It’s not just a video; it’s an invitation to attract the best candidates to join the dance of a successful job match! Let’s Tango and make hiring a harmonious experience.

The ideal job seeker video is a Tango of charisma and competence! Picture this: a vibrant showcase of skills, a dash of character, and a sprinkle of enthusiasm! Your resume is a list of your expertise and experience; your video profile brings your career story to life—putting the spotlight on your personality and soft skills! Let’s Tango and make your job search an unforgettable dance towards your ideal fit!

Short and sweet: Be you, amplified! In your video profile, Tango through your skills with a dash of passion. Showcase what makes you uniquely awesome, sprinkle in some achievements, and don’t forget to let your personality sizzle! It’s not just about qualifications; it’s about making your potential manager/employer say, “Wow, we need to hire this person on our team!” Let the Tango of authenticity and flair take center stage!

Absolutely! Tango wants you to put your best foot forward in your job search. Feel free to jazz up your video using a third-party editor before showcasing your skills on the dance floor. Whether it’s adding filters, special effects, or a catchy soundtrack, the spotlight is on you! Tango encourages your creative touch. So, go ahead and make that video shine with your unique style!

At the moment, the Tango dance floor is restricted to videos from your device’s gallery. However, we’ve got big dreams! While currently, you’ll need to pull your video moves from your gallery, we’re working on expanding our horizons. Stay tuned for updates; we’re hoping to let you upload from various sources in the future. Let’s Tango together and keep the dance floor evolving!

Get ready to Tango with words! Your video job post should be a mini-showcase, a sneak peek into your company and team culture plus your management style. Highlight the vibe, the team spirit, and the exciting projects on the horizon. Don’t forget the essentials: the skills you’re looking for, what makes your workplace special, and the kind of talent that will thrive in your work culture. Keep it snappy, engaging, and sprinkle in some enthusiasm. Let’s Tango and make your job post the irresistible invitation to join your company’s success dance!

It’s all in the Tango moves! Once you’ve put your best foot forward with a dazzling video profile, let the magic happen. On the Tango app, you’ll receive notifications when employers and hiring managers “like” your profile. It’s like a virtual dance invitation saying, “we like your style!” Keep an eye on your notifications, respond promptly, and let the Tango of job matching opportunities unfold. Get ready to dance into your next career move!

When candidates are interested in your job, the Tango app will send you notifications. Simply check your notifications, and you’ll know which candidates are ready to Tango with your job opportunity. Time to lead the dance and find the perfect match for your team!

Ready to boost your Tango game? Here’s the playbook:

  1. Show Your Best Moves: Craft a dazzling video profile. Showcase your skills, personality, and what makes you stand out. Let employers see the star they’ve been waiting for.
  2. Be Specific: When creating your Tango profile, be clear about what you’re looking for. The more details, the better the Tango match.
  3. Engagement is Key: Don’t just wait for matches; actively engage with profiles. Swipe right on the opportunities that spark your interest. It takes two to Tango!
  4. Stay Active: Regularly update your profile. The Tango floor is always evolving, and staying active keeps you in the spotlight.
  5. Network with Style: Connect with other users, join discussions, and attend virtual events. Networking adds flair to your Tango journey. (COMING SOON)

Put on those dancing shoes and Tango your way to a career match!

Elevate your Tango with top-tier candidates using these tips:

  1. Clear Job Role Profiles: Be specific about what you’re looking for to get the best job match.
  2. Show Your Team’s Dance Moves: Give candidates a glimpse of your team and company culture in your video job post. Let them see the unique Tango of your workplace.
  3. Highlight Perks and Benefits: Make your job opportunity a star on the dance floor. Showcase the perks and benefits that make your company stand out.
  4. Engage Actively: Respond promptly to candidates who show interest. Use premium features to really stand out and boost your jobs!
  5. Leverage Filters: Use filters to narrow down or broaden your search. Find candidates whose skills and personality align with your company’s rhythm.

Let’s Tango with quality candidates and create a dance floor where talent meets opportunity!

Let’s craft a stellar Tango-worthy video profile in a few quick steps:

  1. Introduction Tango: Kick off with a brief introduction. Who are you? What’s your professional dance style?
  2. Skill Showcase: Highlight your skills like the star they are. This is your time to shine, so don’t hold back.
  3. Career Highlights Cha-Cha: Share your career highlights, achievements, and projects. Let employers see your impressive dance history.
  4. Personality Twist: Bring out your personality. What makes you unique? Show that you’re not just a list of qualifications; you’re a vibrant candidate.
  5. Dance Partners (Networking): Connect with other professionals in the Tango community. Networking adds a special flair to your profile and you never know, your next job match could be a connection away! (COMING SOON)
  6. Video Performance: Your video profile is the key to putting people over paper. It’s the Tango of the future, where employers can see what makes you a best candidate star.

Remember, it’s not just a profile; it’s a dance card for your career journey. Let’s Tango and make your profile a showstopper!