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Deeper Candidate Evaluation upfront

Video profiles allow employers to get a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate beyond just a resume They can assess communication skills, personality fit, critical thinking, and other intangible qualities

Scalable and Cost-Effective

A mobile video platform enables scaling hiring efforts cost-effectively compared to sourcing agencies or campus recruitment. Recorded videos can be shared and reviewed asynchronously by multiple stakeholders.

Reduced Bias

Video interactions help mitigate unconscious biases related to factors like names or demographic backgrounds that can affect resume screening

Improved Cultural Fit

Viewing video profiles helps evaluate if a candidate’s values, work style, and motivations align with the company (and team) culture This increases the likelihood of hiring individuals who will thrive and remain engaged

Enhanced Employer Brand

Having a user-friendly video platform demonstrates the company is innovative and values personal connections. A positive candidate experience boosts the employer’s brand and ability to attract top talent

Resource and Time Efficiencies

Video screening can streamline the initial recruiting process by quickly identifying top candidates Reduces time spent on reviewing countless resumes and conducting multiple phone screens

Richer Candidate Pool

By making it easier for candidates to apply with video profiles, employers gain access to a wider, more diverse talent pool. Candidates who may have been overlooked based on resumes alone get a chance to showcase their potential