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Hire better and faster with Lets Tango

Mobile hiring platform connecting candidates and hiring teams through the power of personal video

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Why Tango?

We’re improving the way you hire through meaningful and transparent engagement from the first interaction

Your sourcing and screening are about to improve exponentially, saving you time and resources.

The Problem:

Traditional hiring is like a blind date

Hiring teams and candidates spend hours, weeks, months looking for that elusive mutual fit. The result?

For Employers

False positives in the age of AI

Hiring teams are keyword “matched” with too many job seekers that look similar on paper, when the person behind them isn’t.

Incomplete paper-based evaluation

Resumes and phone interviews alone provide an incomplete picture of a candidate’s capabilities, potential, and likelihood of success in the role.

Wasted time and effort

Traditional candidate sourcing and screening is extremely time consuming and laborious, yielding subpar outcomes.

Employee turnover

Hiring someone who ends up being a poor fit leads to costly turnover.

Negative candidate experience

An impersonal, transactional hiring process damages the employer’s brand reputation and ability to attract top talent, similar to a bad blind date experience

The Solution:


Build Amazing Teams Through Authentic First Impressions.
For Employers

Our video-centric hiring platform provides compelling, tangible benefits to hiring teams looking to take hiring to the next level while measurably improving outcomes.

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